IMPORTANT EVENTS / eventos importantes


22-25 March Africa Theology Conference Notre Dame Global Gateway Via Ostilia, 15 Rome, Italy. African Christian theology: Memories and Mission for the 21st Century Recalling Africa theology’s origins, envision its 21st century mission. Although registration has ended you are still invited to attend the sessions with a courtesy contact to ndethics@nd.eduFor more information

23 March at 3 pm Rome time. Webinar“Laudato Si & Catholic Investing: Moving Forward”speakers will review the key concepts about the Divest-Invest cause and will share how Catholic institutions can take concrete steps to care for our common home through their investments.  The duration is l hour. Registration linkHere

24 March – 2 pm to 6 pm “Advocacy and Lobbying as Mechanisms for advancing AEFJN’s Action Plan”. The event is sponsored by the Africa-Europe Faith and Justice Network at the Generalate of the Missionaries of Africa Via Aurelia, 269 Roma. To affirm your

28 March 9:30 am to 12:30 pm “Dialogue in the future—Jewish and Catholic approaches: preparing the next generation. Sponsored by the USG/UISG Commission for Dialogue at the UISG Headquarters, Piazza di Ponte Sant’Angelo, 28. For more information

23-24 Marzo – Bl. Oscar Romero Memorial  & Missionarie Martyrs Organized by Centro per la Cooperazione Misionaria tra le Chiese della Diocesi di Roma:

  • March 23 – 6:00pm Commemoration of Fr. Ragheed Ganni killed in Mosul 1972, at the Irish College where he studied. 6:30pm a prayer service lead by Mons. Paolo Lojudice in commemoration of the Missionary martyrs; 7:00pm Pilgrimage at St. Bartholomew  Isola Tiberina – veneration of the relics of XX-XXI martyrs
  • March 24 – 9:00pm at the Theatre “Sala Vignoli” at San Leone I Via Prenestina, 104 a Musical Theatre by “La Compagnie reunite del Teatro San Giustino” presents Romero! (See the flyer in Italian)

Save the Date:

31 March – Prayer  Service Memorial of Bl. Oscar Romero and Missionary Martyrs Organized by the JPIC Promoters of the JPIC Commission USG-UISG at San Marcelo Church 7-8pm. (See the Flyer in Italian and English).

9 April – Way of the Cross on Palm Sunday organized by the JPIC Commission secretariat beginning with Eucharistic celebration at the Divine Word Missionaries Via dei Verbiti 1 at 9:00. Please bring your Palms and it will be in Italian English Spanish and Portuguese. Route Piazza dei Partiggiani – Piramide –Testaccio – PortaPortese – San Francesco a Ripa – San Calisto – S. Maria in Trastevere – S. Egidio – S. Maria della Luce – Fatebene Fratelli Hospital – S. Bartolomeo Tiber Island.

28-30 April—Workshop in English for International JPIC Promoters “Living and promoting just relations (JPIC) with oneself, with others, with creation and with God.” Francisco O’Conaire, OFM at Casa Generalzia Dei Salvatoriani, Via Della Conciliazione 51, 00193 Roma. The flyer is on the website at and for registration, reply to

Otros eventos importantes:

22-25 de marzo: Conferencia sobre la teología africana, en Notre Dame Global Gateway, Via Ostilia, 15 Roma, Italia. “Memoria y Misión para el siglo XXI: recordar los orígenes de la teología africana para preparar la misión  del siglo XXI”. Aunque las inscripciones han terminado, todavía es posible asistir a la conferencia comunicándose gentilmente con ndethics@nd.eduPara más información, véase el sitio web

23 de marzo, a las 15 horas de Roma: Seminario sobre la Laudato Si y las inversiones católicas: próximos pasos –  Webinar“Laudato Si & Catholic Investing: Moving Forward”. Los oradores examinarán los conceptos clave de “desinversión e inversión”, y se referirán a cómo las instituciones católicas pueden dar pasos concretos para que sus inversiones respeten nuestra casa común.  Durará una hora. Parainscribirse, haga click aquíHere

24 de marzo: de 14 a 18 horas “Las actividades promocionales y la influencia política como mecanismos para impulsar el plan de acción de la RED África Europa Fe Justicia (AEFJN)”. El evento está patrocinado por la AEFJN en el Generalato de los Misioneros de África, Via Aurelia, 269 Roma. Para confirmar su participación, dirigirse a

28 de marzo, de 9.30 a 12,30 horas: “Diálogo en el futuro: judíos y católicos preparan la próxima generación. Encuentro patrocinado por la Comisión para el Diálogo de USG/UISG, en la sede de la UISG, Piazza di Ponte Sant’Angelo, 28. Para más información, véase el sitio web


23-24 de marzo– Memorial del Beato Oscar Romero y de los Misioneros mártires, organizado por el Centro per la Cooperazione Misionaria tra le Chiese della Diocesi di Roma:

  • 23 de marzo – 18 horas: Conmemoración del P. Ragheed Ganni asesinado en Mosul en 1972, en el Colegio Irlandés donde estudió. 18.30 horas: un encuentro de oración dirigido por Mons. Paolo Lojudice en conmemoración de los misioneros mártires; 19 horas: Peregrinación a San Bartolomé (Isola Tiberina), veneración de las reliquias de los mártires de los siglos XX-XXI
  • 24 de marzo – 9 horas en el Teatro “Sala Vignoli” en San Leone I Via Prenestina, 104: Teatro Musical de “La Compagnie del Teatro San Giustino” presenta a Romero (Véase el anuncio en italiano)

Fechas para agendar:

9 de abril – Vía Crucis, el domingo de Ramos, organizado por la secretaría de la Comisión de JPIC. Comienza con la celebración eucarística en los Misioneros del Verbo Divino, Via dei Verbiti 1, a las 9 horas. Traer, por favor, los ramos. Será en italiano, inglés, español y portugués.Trayecto: Piazza dei Partiggiani – Piramide –Testaccio – PortaPortese – San Francesco a Ripa – San Calisto – S. Maria in Trastevere – S. Egidio – S. Maria della Luce – Ospedale Fatebene Fratelli – S. Bartolomeo Isola Tiberina.

28-30 de abril—Taller en inglés para los Promotores JPIC Internacionales sobre “Cómo vivir y promover relaciones justas (JPIC) con uno mismo, con los otros, con la creación y con Dios”, dirigido por Francisco O’Conaire, OFM en la Casa Generalicia de los Salvatorianos, Via Della Conciliazione 51, 00193 Roma. El anuncio está en el sitio web . Para las inscripciones, dirigirse a



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Centenary of his birth: born August 15, 1917

“You know the language of my preaching. A language that wants to plant hope, which denounces, Yes, but not with hate, but with love; calling to conversion” (Homily 6 November 1977).




Piazza di San Marcello 5, Roma

Friday, March 31, 2017

From 19 to 20




Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez (15 August 1917 – 24 March 1980) was a prelate of the Catholic Church in El Salvador, who served as the fourth Archbishop of San Salvador. He spoke out against poverty, social injustice, assassinations and torture. In 1980, Romero was assassinated while offering Mass in the chapel of the Hospital of Divine Providence.

Pope Francis stated during Romero’s beatification that “His ministry was distinguished by a particular attention to the most poor and marginalized.” Hailed as a hero by supporters of liberation theology inspired by his work, Romero, according to his biographer, “was not interested in liberation theology”, but faithfully adhered to Catholic teachings on liberation, desiring a social revolution based on supernatural interior reform.  His spiritual life drew much from the spirituality of Opus Dei.

In 2010, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24 March as the “International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims” in recognition of the role of Archbishop Romero in defence of human rights. Romero actively denounced violations of the human rights of the most vulnerable people and defended the principles of protecting lives, promoting human dignity and opposition to all forms of violence.

In 1997, Pope John Paul II bestowed upon Romero the title of Servant of God, and a cause for beatification and canonization was opened for him. The cause stalled, but was reopened by Pope Benedict XVI in 2012. He was declared a martyr by Pope Francis on 3 February 2015, paving the way for his beatification, which took place on 23 May 2015.

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Servites providing assistance to the undocumented immigrants in the US

St. Philip Benizi Parish, Fullerton, CA, USA – As elsewhere, the election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States came as a surprise to many / most of our parishioners.  However, with the parish being 70-80% in number Hispanic and almost EVERY family knowing at least someone who is undocumented, surprise here was accompanied with palpable concern.   Working closely with the Diocese’s Office of Life, Justice and Peace (the head of which is a Parishioner at St. Philip’s), our Servite Community has worked very hard to accompany and prepare parishioners fearing the worst.

As the one responsible for operation of the parish (as Pastor) I have made known to the Parish staff that I DON’T give permission to the Civil Authorities to enter our Parish grounds pursuant to an Immigration or otherwise Legal matter without a Court Order and even if they did come with a Court Order, since Church / State issues are involved, I still DON’T give permission for them to enter our grounds until I have spoken with my Superiors both at the Province and Diocese and receive counsel from their lawyers regarding the specifics of the Court Order and the situation at hand.  (My letter, signed and with the parish seal, is hanging in a prominent space in our Parish office for our parish staff to take down and bring to the Authorities should they come).   Our staff has prepared a prioritized list of media and legal contacts to call should the Authorities come knocking,  And everybody on our staff, mostly quite young, know how to operate their cell phones to video anything that were to happen in such a situation.

Further, we distributed some 2000 “know your rights” cards (one side in English, the other in Spanish) to parishioners, so that they know what to do (mostly remain silent and ask for a lawyer) should they be stopped by the Authorities.  The text of these quite handy cards was prepared by the Diocesan Office of Life, Justice and Peace.

Finally, we held an all night prayer vigil with the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the night before President Trump’s inauguration, an event that was attended by hundreds of people throughout the night both from the Parish and beyond.

We don’t know what will come, but in as much as we can be, we are prepared.

Fra Dennis Z.M. Kriz, OSM


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ST. IGNATIUS PARISH, EL PASO, TEXAS, USA: Servants of Mary at the service of the Immigrants

At the beginning of this year President Trump signed three executive orders stating that  that he will order the construction of a Mexican border wall, the first in a series of actions to crack down on immigrants, which will include slashing the number of refugees who can resettle in the United States, and blocking Syrians and others from what are called “terror-prone nations” from entering, at least temporarily.

Everyone has been talking about it, both inside the US and at the wider global sphere. Fear overshadows the whole community atmosphere. There are reports that families are keeping children out of school and workers are staying off the job out of fear that enforcement teams could swoop in at any minute. Pope Francis expressed that these measures, which mean the rejection of the stranger, the rejection of the person in need, the rejection of those who suffer, are manifestly un-Christian and utterly contrary to the Gospel. He said, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the Gospel.”

Houses of worship have historically provided refuge to those facing deportation. The climate created by the Trump administration’s rhetoric is forcing churches to do more. They are now providing sanctuary of all kinds to hundreds of people: spiritual, moral, legal, financial, and physical support as the need arises.  Different churches have been  working together to organize rapid response teams, connected by email and phone chains, or even encrypted messaging. Their goal: to respond to raids, offer assistance and even organize protests.

The Catholic parishes around the country, play a vital role in the global refugee crisis by welcoming newcomers.  The number of churches that are actively offering sanctuary — and where immigrants are taking them up on it — is unclear. But since Trump was elected in November last year, the number of churches in the United States expressing willingness to offer sanctuary has increased in numbers. Offering sanctuary at a church can involve providing food and shelter for an immigrant, as well as staffing volunteers to stay with that person around the clock. It offered a concrete way for people to respond and show support and solidarity with undocumented people. Undocumented immigrants fearing imminent deportation feel somewhat safer there.

One of the many church-run facilities in the US such as the St. Ignatius parish run by the Order of Servants of Mary of the Mexican Province  serve as a sanctuary for undocumented  immigrants. Fr. Tobias Macias, OSM has been the parish priest for four years now. He has assisted undocumented immigrants who would arrive by bus travelling for months without food, water and use of  hygienic facilities. He said that when these displaced persons arrive they are ushered to a reception room finding a welcoming and homely atmosphere. The rooms of  second floor of the former school have been converted to bedrooms, reception hall or a storage room for personal items such as hygienic products, clothes, shoes, etc. The center serves as a half-way facility while the persons await for preparation of necessary documents and money to be sent by their relatives for transport fare in view of family reunification. Fr. Tobias said the “Stewardship and co-responsibility is doing what you have to do by serving those who are  most in need. When the love of God touches your heart, you are able help those who are most in need.”

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E-News/ E-Noticias March 3


E-News March 3

As we embark on the journey of the Lenten season let us pray, that “the Holy Spirit lead us on a true journey of conversion, so that we can rediscover the gift of God’s word, be purified of the sin that blinds us, and serve Christ present in our brothers and sisters in need.” (Pope Francis, Lenten Message)

Month of March: Let’s pray that persecuted Christians may be supported by the prayers and the material help of the whole world.

International Days of Observance:

3 March World Wildlife Day  (A/RES/68/205) calls on everyone to do their part in protecting the world’s wild animals and plants. The future of wildlife is in our hands.

8 March International Women’s Day celebrates the acts of courage and determination of ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in their countries.

Save the Date:

18 March – 9 am to 12 pm “Nonviolence: a Style of Politics for Peace” Dr. Maryann Cusimano Love Associate Professor of International Relations in the Politics Department Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. Please join us for an inspiring and challenging day as we explore the implications of this important message. There will be translations in English, Spanish and Italian. The event is co-sponsored by the Department of Social Sciences of the Angelicum University and the JPIC Commission of USG and UISG.  Place: Sala Giovanni Paola II at the Fratelli Via Aurelia, 476, 00165. The flyer is attached. For registration, reply to

April 9 – Way of the Cross on Nonviolence, beginning with the Eucharist at the Divine Word Generalate – Via dei Verbiti, 1 – 9:00 am. The Route: Piazza dei Partigiani – Piramide –Testaccio – Porta Portese – San Francesco a Ripa – San Calisto – S. Maria in Trastevere – S. Egidio – S. Maria della Luce – Fatebenefratelli Hospital – S. Bartolomeo.


E-noticias 3 marzo

A medida que nos embarcamos en el camino de la Cuaresma, oremos para que “el Espíritu Santo nos conduzca a un verdadero camino de conversión, para que podamos redescubrir el don de la Palabra de Dios, purificarnos del pecado que nos ciega y para servir Cristo presente en nuestros hermanos y hermanas necesitados. “(Papa Francisco, Mensaje de Cuaresma)

Mes de marzo: Oremos para que los cristianos perseguidos cuenten con el apoyo de las oraciones y la ayuda material de todo el mundo.

Jornadas internacionales:

3 de marzo Día Mundial de la Vida Silvestre  (A/RES/68/205) nos brinda la ocasión para participar en la protección de la flora y la fauna silvestres, cuyo futuro está en nuestras manos.

8 de marzo Día Internacional de la Mujer en el que se celebran los actos de valor y determinación de mujeres comunes que han jugado un papel extraordinario en sus países

Fecha para Agendar:

18 de marzo, de 9 a 12 horas: “La no violencia: un estilo de política para la paz”, a cargo de la Dra. Maryann Cusimano Love, Profesora Asociada de Relaciones Internacionales en Política en la Universidad Católica de América, Washington, D.C. Les invitamos a participar en estas reflexiones que servirán para inspirarnos sobre las consecuencias de este importante mensaje. Habrá traducciones en inglés, español e italiano. El encuentro es patrocinado conjuntamente por el Departamento de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad del Angelicum y la Comisión de JPIC de USG y UISG. Lugar: Sala Juan Pablo II, en los Hermanos, Via Aurelia, 476, 00165. Se adjunta un volante. Para las inscripciones, dirigirse a

9 Abril – Via Crucis sobre la no violencia: empezaremos con la celebración eucarística en la Casa Generalizia Misioneros del Verbo Divino en Via dei Verbiti, 1 a las 9:00 am. La ruta: Piazza dei Partigiani – Piramide –Testaccio – Porta Portese – San Francesco a Ripa – San Calisto – S. Maria in Trastevere – S. Egidio – S. Maria della Luce – Fatebenefratelli Hospital – S. Bartolomeo

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Cupich to priests: No entry for immigration agents without warrants

Manya Brachear Pashman – Contact Reporter

Chicago Tribune


Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich told priests Tuesday that if federal immigration authorities knock on the doors of their parishes without a warrant, priests should turn them away and call the archdiocese’s lawyers. Catholic school principals have been told to do the same.

“If they do not have a warrant and it is not a situation that someone is in imminent danger, tell them politely they cannot come on the premises,” Cupich wrote in a letter to Chicago priests.

The directive comes a week after the Department of Homeland Security issued new guidelines for enforcing President Donald Trump’s immigration orders that call for hiring thousands of additional enforcement agents and expanding the pool of immigrants who are targeted for removal. The new guidelines also authorize officers to conduct more raids in immigrant communities.

Gail Montenegro, a spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement under the Department of Homeland Security, has said agents are still expected to abide by a 2011 directive in which federal agents were told to avoid “sensitive locations” — including hospitals, schools and houses of worship — unless there is an imminent risk.

“DHS is committed to ensuring that people seeking to participate in activities or utilize services provided at any sensitive location are free to do so without fear or hesitation,” she said in a statement last month.

Still, new immigration priorities and expanded enforcement tactics under the new administration have struck fear in many communities, particularly among Latinos, who account for 44 percent of the diocese’s 2.2 million Catholic faithful in Cook and Lake counties.

“With this letter I want to express my support as we stand together in solidarity with many of our parishioners who are deeply troubled by the recent executive orders related to immigration,” Cupich wrote to the priests. “Their trust in you and the Church is prompting them to come to you for support, spiritual guidance and compassion. We need to stand together and clearly make it known that the Archdiocese of Chicago supports the dignity of all persons without regard to immigration status.”


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Catholic Nonviolence Initiative updates February 2017

Thank you for your endorsement of the Appeal to the Catholic Church to re-commit to the centrality of Gospel nonviolence. We deeply appreciate your support.


This weekend (25 February) is the anniversary of the 1986 People’s Power Revolution in the Philippines, a significant example of the role of the church in nonviolent resistance to a corrupt and repressive regime. That revolutionary victory is to be celebrated, but as we know, much pain and violence continues in the Philippines and in too many places around the world, so our work for a nonviolent future and a just peace goes on.


Next steps for CNI
The primary goal of the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative (CNI) is a renewed commitment to Gospel nonviolence at the heart of the Church, which necessitates a shift in Catholic social teaching. CNI is pursuing a comprehensive strategy toward this goal by forming four roundtables and three working groups whose members, over the course of the next 2-3 years, will research, gather, and elaborate on theological, scriptural, ecclesial and practical material.

These roundtables and working groups will be international in scope, considering the vast amount of experience and understanding of the church throughout the world. Participants will deepen the exploration of their topics and creatively collaborate in outlining and developing content which, we hope, will lead to a new and more comprehensive understanding of nonviolence in the Catholic tradition.

Upcoming events and more
Week of February 27: Pax Christi UK will hold the first meeting of a Theology of Nonviolence working group to start looking at ways to “seed” this work within the church/institutions in England and Wales.

Lent starts on March 1: The Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns has prepared a Lenten guide, A journey with Gospel nonviolence, available here.

March 2: In partnership with the Holy See Mission, the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns and Pax Christi International will host a panel on the World Day of Peace (WDP) message at the UN in New York City. Archbishop Bernadito Auza, Apostolic Nuncio to the UN, will moderate and reflect on the WDP. Speakers include Francisco de Roux, SJ, Marie Dennis, Gerry Lee, Maryann Cusimano Love from Catholic University, and Rima Salah, former Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF.

March 8: Marie Dennis will present the award at the annual Voices of Faith event at the Vatican. This yearly program honors the contribution and leadership of women in the church; the theme for 2017 is women peacemakers. Learn more and find out how to join the event via livestream at the Voices of Faith website.

March 17-19: Peace requires encounter: A two-day summit on building relationships This event, which aims to build and strengthen relationships between Muslims and Christians in the U.S., will be held at Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.) It will include a screening of the new docudrama film The Sultan and the Saint, inspired by the courage and peace-building efforts of St. Francis of Assisi and Sultan al Kamil during the height of the Crusades’ deadly conflict.

March 18: Josef Mayr-Nusser (1910-1945), recognized by Pope Francis as a martyr for his Christian faith and conscience, will be beatified in Bolzano, Italy. Like the Austrian farmer Franz Jägerstätter, who was beatified in 2007, Mayr-Nusser was sentenced to death as a consequence of his refusal to swear loyalty to Hitler when he was forcibly conscripted into the German army; he died en route to the Dachau concentration camp where he was to be executed for treason.

April 7: Marquette University Center for Peacemaking (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) will host the university’s first symposium on nonviolent peacemaking. Speakers include Terry Rynne, Ken Butigan, Maria Stephan and Mel Duncan.

Workshop/retreat on Gospel nonviolence:Laurie Gagne and John Reuwer have prepared a six-hour workshop/retreat program,Nonviolence: Power for justice and peace, on the tenets of Gospel nonviolence and the 2017 World Day of Peace message. Find out more on the CNI website.


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