Program Description

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See is pleased to offer a grants program and we invite organizations to submit proposals for projects or events based on the criteria below. The aim of the grants program is to further U.S. foreign policy goals, in particular goals we share with the Holy See.

Program Objectives

Grant proposals should promote one or more of the following U.S. foreign policy objectives:

 Combating trafficking in persons

 Promoting human rights (including, but not limited to, the rights of ethnic and religious minorities, women and children, refugees, and internally displaced persons)

 Promoting interreligious dialogue, understanding, and tolerance, and countering violent extremism

 Preventing and mitigating conflict; encouraging conflict resolution and peace building

 Promoting global health (including, but not limited to, preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS)

 Combating hunger and poverty

 Promoting care for the environment and combating climate change

All projects must take place in or near the city of Rome, Italy. For projects taking place outside of Rome, only Rome-based components will be considered for funding. The recommended format for a project is an event or short-term program (maximum six months) that includes a media outreach element that promotes awareness for the project, e.g. through a press conference, event launch, social media, video, etc.

Funding Information

Please note Embassy grants will be no more than $10,000, and we are more likely to grant requests for smaller amounts ($2,000-$5,000). We will consider all contributions on a case-by-case basis. The deadline for this round of funding is December 1st, 2014.

Application Requirements

Proposals should be no longer than 3 pages and focus primarily on the details of the proposed event/conference/project. Proposals should include the following items:

 Organization Background: Brief description of your organization, including contact information.

 Project Description: Summary of the project content, general and specific objectives, activities, and how the project promotes one or more of the U.S. foreign policy objectives listed above.

 Target group, project location, and proposed period of performance.

 Details of the media outreach component/media plan.

 Budget: Full breakdown of expected costs in U.S. Dollars. Note if there are other funding sources or in-kind contributions.

Projects that do not include all of the above items will not be taken into consideration.

Proposals must be submitted in English. Please note we cannot fund expenses for food/beverages, travel expenses to and from the United States, or costs associated with renovation or construction.

Application Submission and Evaluation

Please email proposals to Public Affairs Officer Antoinette Hurtado at HurtadoAC@state.gov and Public Affairs Assistant Uta Sievers at SieversU@state.gov. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year, or until funding is no longer available. We will evaluate proposals with the following in mind: how well the proposal promotes the U.S. foreign policy goals mentioned above, the clarity and quality of the program, the fiscal responsibility of the budget, and the potential impact of the program relative to its cost.

Grant Follow-up

If your organization receives funding from the Embassy, you will be required to submit receipts and a detailed account of how the money was spent, as well as a report on the outcomes of the project, and any media coverage achieved. The Embassy may also visit the grant activity for monitoring purposes.


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