NEWSBRIEF – JPIC COMMISSION OFFICE                 Vol.4 No 10

 1.      ROME UPDATE

1.1   International Day of Prayer for Peace (September 21):  Monica Willard at the UN shares the following:   ‘You have created a most impressive [prayer] service that I will share with people throughout the world. I represent the United Religions Initiative at the UN. I have been organizing events with the UN DPI for the student observance of  the International Day of Peace since 1997. I am currently president of the Committee of Religious NGOs at the UN and Co-chair of the International Day of Peace NGO Committee. Their goal is to promote the prayer, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.’

 Invitation for feed-back: Before we publish another Prayer Service, the JPIC office would like to get some constructive feed-back on our Prayer Services and, in particular, on the latest prayer on Peace.

1.2   JPIC Workshop:  The annual training workshop for JPIC Promoters takes place in November 2-5, 2011.   We strongly encourage JPIC promoters to participate in this formation, not only for what you might learn, but also for what you can contribute.  Even if you have been promoting JPIC in your congregation, you might be surprised at what you can still learn. Consider participating this year. Some places are still available.

For application forms in English and Spanish go to –

1.3    JPIC November 19th Seminar:  The JPIC Commission is organizing a Seminar on the Impact of the Synod of   Bishops’ 1971 document (‘Justice in the World’) on the Church, on Consecrated Life and its relevance for today. The Speakers are Fr. Donal Dorr, Sr Ana Beatrice Faye and Sr. Teresa Dagdag.  It takes place on November 19, 2011 in the Fratelli Cristiani. Offering will be €7 Euro.  Please leave this date free in your calendar. Please let the JPIC office know how many you expect from your community.

Take Note – Utube reflection on ‘Justice in the World’:  The Centre of Concern in the USA responded to our request to reflect on the Synod document. Maria Riley, O.P. and Jim Hug SJ share their reflections at –

1.4   JPIC Promoters leaving Rome:  JPIC Promoters are invited to a pizza to say goodbye to JPIC promoters who are leaving Rome in the near future. One of them is Therese Wetta, ASC. It takes place on October 13th, probably in Trastevere @  19.00  at Hotel Trastevere, Via Luciano Manara, 24a/25. Food is very reasonably priced with good choices.  If you intend to be present, please inform Francisco at

1.5   Franciscan Environmental Justice Planning:  The JPIC office of the OFM Franciscans convoked a meeting in Rome on September 22-23 to reflect on how to continue to increase awareness of environmental justice issues within the Family. It was agreed to promote a strong participation by Franciscans at the People’s Summit (May 26 – June 10) and at the Rio+20 United Nations Summit in June 4 – 6, 2012.  They will develop a number of short educational documents: giving a Franciscan vision of Creation, a statement on issues Franciscans need to be working on, as well as a more elaborate critical analysis of the issues and proposed solutions, particularly relating to the Green Economy, Sustainable Development and Food Security, Sovereignty.  They also agreed to support the initiative by religious congregations to develop a strong presence at the FAO in Rome.

1.6   Spirit of Assisi Activities in Rome (October 2011):  A number of activities, including a prayer service with the Pope in St. Peter’s Square,  are being organized in Rome for the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of the Spirit of Assisi. For a list and more details go to our JPIC Wikispaces for information in English and in Italian at –

1.7   Prayer Requests:  Congregational Chapter of the Congregatio Jesu (CJ) on September  – October 2011

1.8   Prayer for Non-Violence – October 2, 2011:  You are reminded that October 2 is International Day for non-violence.  The prayer service prepared two years ago is still available on the internet in several languages. For copies of the prayer in,

1.9   Reminders:

  • JPIC Distance Learning Program:  The Spiritan-owned Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA, has launched a JPIC Distance Learning Program (in English) in mid-August 2011.  You can find detailed information on the program and contact details at
  • Spirit of Assisi Commemoration (October 27):  For prayer resources and other materials to help in the celebration of the Spirit of Assisi, go to  –
  • UTube Interviews for ‘Justice in World’ Synod Anniversary: To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the publication of the 1971 Synod document, ‘Justice in the World’, the JPIC Commission suggests conducting a series of interviews for Utube with people from around the world who have something constructive and educational to say about this document, in order to help further the incorporation of Catholic Social Teaching into the mainstream of Catholic life.  If you can help, contact the office.  The proposal is available so far in 6 languagesEnglish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and German. You can access it at: Please spread the word.

2. Outside Rome

2.1          Towards celebrating the International Year of Family Farming (2014): For an update go to –

2.2          South Asian Symposium: The Asian Bishops are organizing a symposium to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mater et Magistra and the 25th anniversary of the visit of Pope John Paul II to India. It takes place in Mumbai, October 14-16, 2011. For further information contact Fr. Nithiya at –

 2.3          Franciscan detained by Military in Mexico:  Fray Tomas Gonzalez ofm, who works with migrants in Southern   Mexico was detained by the military. An Amnesty International representative was also beaten. For more information,


2.4          Support the Social Protection Floor Initiative:  With 1.4 billion people still struggle to live on less than $1.25 a day (World Bank), it is obvious that much more must be done to eradicate the scourge of extreme poverty.  The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) coordinate the Social Protection Floor Initiative (SPF-I) as a joint UN effort to build a global coalition committed to supporting countries in building national social protection floors for their citizens.  To know about this initiative and to sign on to a petition go to,

2.5          Moving Planet:  September 24th was a worldwide day to move beyond fossil fuels, with over 2000 events in more than 175 countries. To keep informed go to,

2.6          Sentencing Statements against Nuclear Weapons:  Sister Ardeth Platte, O.P. and Sr. Carol Gilbert made statement s before being sentenced (September 16) on their nonviolent civil resistance at the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

For a copies go to  and


3.1          Dialogue and Mission: Fr. Joseph Samarakone, OMI from an Ashram in India recommends we revisit the following document entitled ‘The Attitude of the Church toward Followers of Other Religions: Reflections and Orientations on Dialogue and Mission’ published by the Secretariat for Non-Christians, (May 10, 1984). For a copy of the document In English

In Spanish

3.2          Discrimination against Christians:  The Holy See at the OSCE’s Conference in Rome, 12 September.

3.3          Mons. Romero’s killer identified:  31 years of his assassination, Mons Romero’s killer has been identified. Go to:

3.4          Circular Letter Concerning the Sexual Abuse of Minors:   On May 16, 2011, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican issued the text to Episcopal Conferences around the world.

For copies in several languages, go to

3.5  An SJ Resource on Ecology – “Healing a broken world”: This is a document on ecology written by a Task Force composed of Jesuits and lay collaborators chosen from around the world, who met in Rome in July and November 2010. It provides information, a global vision, spiritual resources to sustain our commitment and eight practical recommendations.  Go to the following links for different language versions:

3.6          “Ecology and Jesuits in Communication”:  Two articles published by SJ Ecology Task Force, go to,

3.7          Building a Global Movement to solve the climate crisis:  For more information on, go to

Pope Benedict XVI on Ecology:  Some interesting reflections on Ecology. Go to

3.8          Be the Change:  Check this UK website out at –

3.9          Independent Catholic News (English):  A project organized by lay Catholics in the UK.  Go to

3.10       Statement by Dilma Rousseff at the 66th UN General Assembly:  Go to


3.11       Cutting down too many trees:  A humorous photo presents a little understood consequence for cutting down trees. Go to –


4.  Upcoming JPIC Meetings: September/October 2011     

  • JPIC Executive Commission:  October 3 @ 9.00 at UISG
  • JPIC Spanish/Portuguese Promoters group: October 5 @UISG at 9.00
  • English JPIC Core Group: October 11, @ 15.00 at Fratelli Cristiani
  • Africa Executive: October 14 @ 15.00 @ M.Afri
  • JPIC English Promoters’ Meeting: October 19  @ 9.00 at UISG
  • FAO Working Group:  October 25  @  9.30 at Passionist Curia
  • Integrity of Creation Working group:  October 31 @ UISG at 10.00
  • Peace Prayer: October 28  @ San Marcello at 19.00
  • Economic Justice Working group (EJWG): ???? @ 15.00 at Caritas Internationalis
  • Africa JPIC Formation Assembly:  November 15 @ 15.00 at M.Afri



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