Commission for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

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JPIC Rome /

September, 2011


  1. 1.      ROME UPDATE

1.1   International Day of Prayer for Peace (September 21): The following translations of the prayer are available – English, Italian, French, Spanish, Albanian, Japanese, Indonesian, ThaiDutch, Portuguese, Croatian, Korean, Polish, Kiswahili and two versions of Chinese. For copies of the prayer go to:  We hope to have Rumanian and Slovak in the near future.  Please distribute the information as widely as possible – to religious, church organizations and inform media outlets you know.


1.2   JPIC Workshop:  The annual training workshop for JPIC Promoters takes place from November 2-5, 2011.

For application forms in English and Spanish go to –


1.3   JPIC Distance Learning Program:  The Spiritan-owned Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA, has launched a JPIC Distance Learning Program (in English) in mid August 2011. The program was designed by the Spiritan’s former JPIC Promoter in Rome, John Kilcrann CSSp, and has been in a testing phase for the year prior to its official launching.

This year the program will present four courses:

ü Foundations of Theological Reflection

ü Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding 1

ü Economics and People

ü Water, Environment, and Development

In following years additional JPIC-linked courses will be added eventually covering over 20 central areas of JPIC concern. In this way it is hoped to provide pastoral workers, clergy and religious with a ‘tool-box’ of skills to minister more effectively in this important pastoral area.

The course is self-learning in design; the level is pitched at post high (secondary) school level and is in English. Participants set their own study pace during each course studying at a speed suitable to their already busy schedules. When participants complete a required number of courses they will be awarded a certificate by Duquesne University. Registration in the course will also enable participants to use Duquesne’s vast electronic library services free of charge and so permit them to access and download hundreds of thousands of articles in many disciplines from a very wide selection of journals as well as book chapters.

The course is offered free of charge and is the first of its kind available via internet. Prerequisites include a reasonably good internet access and an adequate fluency in English. You can find detailed information on the program and contact details at


1.4   JPIC November 19th Seminar:  The JPIC Commission is organizing a Seminar on the Impact of the Synod of Bishops’ 1971 document (‘Justice in the World’) on the Church, on Consecrated Life and its relevance for today. The Speakers are Fr. Donal Dorr, Sr Ana Beatrice Faye and Sr. Teresa Dagdag.  It takes place on November 19, 2011 in the Fratelli Cristiani. Offering will be €7 Euro.  Please leave this date free in your calendar. Please let the JPIC office know how many you expect from your community.


1.5   UTube Interviews for ‘Justice in World’ Synod Anniversary: To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the publication of the 1971 Synod document, ‘Justice in the World’, the JPIC Commission suggests conducting a series of interviews for Utube with people from around the world who have something constructive and educational to say about this document, in order to help further the incorporation of Catholic Social Teaching into the mainstream of Catholic life.  If you can help, contact the office.  The proposal is available so far in 6 languagesEnglish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and German. You can access it at:  please spread the word.


1.6   Copies of the Synod Document are available at the above address in 8 languagesEnglish, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Indonesian and Korean.  If you know of other language translations, please let the JPIC office know.


1.7   Questionnaire on ‘Justice in the World’:  Sr. Teresa has developed a questionnaire in English and Spanish with the objective of finding out the impact the 1971 Synod had on consecrated life.  You are encouraged to support this initiative by sharing experiences from your congregation. Copies are available at the JPIC office –


1.8   ‘Right to Food’ Network:  A meeting was convened by FIAN (Food First Information and Action Network, see to discuss strengthening networking among civil society organizations involved in the ‘Right to Food’ issue. FIAN has been working for 25 years and has managed to get the ‘right to food’ issue on the international agenda. However, a lot more work needs to be done to move governments from accepting the language to really promoting the ‘right to food’ as a human right. The corporate lobbies are powerful.  Someone used the expression which sums up the importance of NGOs working more closely together with the expression ‘Divided we beg, united we demand’! Our FAO Working group may be interested in connecting with such a network if it eventually develops.


1.9    Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA):  Teresa and Francisco met with Peter Prove (]), Executive Director of EAA on July 4, 2011.  Fr. Bob Vitello, Caritas Internationalis, who collaborates with EAA on their HIV project, accompanied Peter at the meeting. The EAA have 80 member groups from Catholic, Orthodox, Mainline Protestant and Evangelical Churches. Many participants are religious NGOs associated with the Churches. Their present focus is on Food Security and HIV/Aids. They are interested in connecting with the work of International Religious Congregations – perhaps through the JPIC Commission, JPIC promoters groups and relevant working groups – to look for ways to collaborate on the issues mentioned above.

You might wish to look at the main pages of their website on their respective campaigns ( and You might especially wish to read the campaign frameworks on food ( and on HIV (


1.10   2014 to be named as the Year of the Rural Family:  The 37th FAO Conference ratified the Resolution requesting   the UN General Assembly to declare in 2011 the International Year of Family Farming-IYFF, to be implemented during 2014.  To read more, go to


1.11   Prayer request:  Please remember the following:

1.11.1 Sheila Kinsey fcjm in your prayers. She will be undergoing treatment for cancer in the near future.

1.11.2 Congregations who are in their General Chapters: Society of St. Teresa of Jesus (STJ) on September 5 – 30 and

the Little Sisters of Jesus (LSJ) on September 7 – October 13.

2.           Outside Rome

2.1          Augustinian JPIC International meeting:  The Augustinians organized a meeting for their JPIC provincial promoters and lay associates. It took place at Villanova University, USA from July 18-23. The objective of the meeting was to help JPIC promoters understand their role as animators, discuss ways to incorporate JPIC into the life and mission of the Order and to implement some specific JPIC issues agreed on at their last General Chapter.  For more details contact Alejandro Moral at

2.2          Catholic Peace Building Network Seminar:  The texts of the presentations made at the June 30th Seminar in Rome are available on-line at

2.3          64th session of the Annual Conference for NGOs:  This meeting took place from 3-5 September in Bonn, Germany.  For information on the variety of topics discussed go to:

2.4          VIVAT International Report:  120 members of VIVAT met in India in August. For a copy of the final report go to –

2.5          Social Justice Ireland’s Annual Social Policy Conference:   The theme is ‘Sharing Responsibility in Shaping the Future’.  It takes place on September 14th, 2011. For more information and to register go to –

2.6          Bishop Duffy OMI R.I.P.:  He was a great advocate for the poor in Zambia. To read more about his life and mission go to –

2.7          Spirit of Assisi:  For prayer resources and other materials to help in the celebration of the Spirit of Assisi, go to

2.8          Millennia2015 “Women actors of development for the global challenges”:  For information on this process and a series of conferences go to

In English

In French –



3.1          Creation Time:  September is a month dedicated to raising environmental awareness; it is a period of

contemplation and action.  To access valuable resources go to –


3.2          Online Seminar/Earth Charter: The Earth Charter International Secretariat (ECI) will be offering four one-and-a half-hour online seminars to introduce the Earth Charter. They take place each week in September beginning September 7th.

For information in English go to –

For information in Spanish go to –


3.3          FAO Discussion Document on Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries:  For a copy go to –


3.4       Report of the workshop of Asia Institute for Social Advocacy (AISA):  The meeting took place in Pattaya, Thailand in July on The Response of the Church to the Challenges of Migrants and Indigenous Peoples in the light of Catholic Social Teaching, with special reference to Caritas in Veritate. To read more go to –


3.5          Swiss banks and crime: Read an interview with India’s Swiss Ambassador to Switzerland to get an idea of some murky aspects of Swiss banking. Go to,


3.6          Human Mobility:  Information on human mobility by the Guatemalan Episcopal Commission (in Spanish), including a pastoral letter, is available at:           


3.7       “Working towards a new ‘peace culture’”:  An interview in NCR with Steve Lepper, Director of the Peace Museum in Hiroshima. Go to:


3.8          Child Sexual Abuse:  Cardinal O Malley’s decision to publish names of Accused Priests: Go to –


3.9          “Fair trade receives an unfair reputation”:  Read a rebuttal argument in favour of Fairtrade by Andrew Conradi OFS at –


3.10       ‘The mayors’ call to abolish nuclear weapons’:  Read Fr. John Deer’s article in NCR on initiatives being taken to abolish nuclear weapons. Go to       


3.11       World Sacred Forests Mapped Out:  A team of scientists from the University of Oxford are working on a world map which shows all the land owned or revered by various world religions.  To read more go to,


3.12       ‘How spirituality tells us to be simple’: Read this article at


3.13       Concern for Migrants and Indigenous Peoples:  To listen to a Vatican Radio interview go to,


3.14       Extractives and non-renewable natural resources:  For the conclusions of a conference organized by CELAM (Latin American Bishop’s Conference) in July 2011, available in English, Spanish, French and German, go to –


3.15      Protest about tar sands:  There is a growing resistance to the use of tar sands as a source of petroleum due to the extremely negative impact on the environment. To read more about an action in the USA go to


3.16      EcoSpirituality Resources for Advent and Lent: The SHCJ Sisters have excellent resources on Soil, Water and Air. An  8-page resource on Air (including climate change) can be downloaded free at


4.  Upcoming JPIC Meetings: September/October 2011     

  • English JPIC Core Group: September 5, @ 15.00 at Fratelli Cristiani
  • Economic Justice Working Group: September 7 @ 15.00 at Caritas Internationalis
  • FAO Working Group:  September 15  @  9.30 at Passionist Curia
  • JPIC English Promoters’ Meeting: September 21  @ 9.00 at UISG
  • Integrity of Creation Working group:  September 26 @ UISG at 10.00
  • JPIC Executive Commission meeting: October 3rd @ UISG at 9.00
  • JPIC Spanish/Portuguese Promoters group: October 5 @UISG at 9.00
  • Africa Working group: October 14 @ 15.00 (location to be decided)
  • Peace Prayer: October  28  @ San Marcello at 19.00


Note: Please send a brief outline of information you think JPIC Promoters might find useful for future publications to the JPIC Commission Office at the emails below.  Please confirm if you do not wish your email to be published.


Gearóid Francisco Ó Conaire ofm and Teresa Dagdag MM Via Aurelia 476, CP 9099 Aurelio, 00165 Roma, Italy.

Tel: (39).06.6622929(direct); Tel: (39).06.665231(reception); Mobile: (39)3293781392/(39)3475570806 Email: and



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