Online seminars to introduce the Earth Charter and Initiative/

The Earth Charter International Secretariat (ECI) will be offering four one and a half hour online seminars to introduce the Earth Charter to new initiative participants, volunteers, and any other interested parties. The seminars will take place once a week every week in September and will cover several Earth Charter basic topics.

The seminar will introduce the Earth Charter document, explain its origins, the process in which it was drafted, its significance in international sustainable development policy and practice, and will offer some examples of its relevance and use in ongoing sustainability and peace efforts. The seminar will expand on the importance of value systems and the ethical framework that the Earth Charter offers for promoting peace, sustainability, and justice and will engage attendees in an informal exercise. Finally, the seminar will offer several suggestions for attendees who want to get involved or learn more about the Earth Charter. The seminars will end with a question, answer, and discussion forum.

ECI hopes that both Earth Charter novices and veterans will attend to learn and share about the Earth Charter Initiative and be inspired to take action to make the world a more just, peaceful, and sustainable place.

The seminars schedule is as follows:

September 7 at 15:00 GMT – In English

September 14 at 18:00 GMT – In Spanish

September 21 at 2:00 GMT – In English

September 26 at 18:00 GMT – In English


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