Dear Servites
Today, Saturday, January 8, 2011, on NPR News, there were two stories about the situation in Haiti as we approach the anniversary of the January 12, 2010 earthquake.  Below is the link so that you can listen to the two programs:  (1)  Challenges Remain For Haiti A Year After Quake (5:58) ;  (2) How Haiti’s Aid Money Is Being Spent (4:19). 
Both of these programs highlight the difficult situation that continues to confront the people of Haiti, even after so much international aid has been promised, pledged, or delivered.  In my estimation after having been in Haiti for more than two weeks in December, 2010, these reports are accurate and highlight the issues of grave concern for our sisters and brothers in Haiti.
We thank all who have contributed to our OSM Haiti Relief Fund and for the help that we have been able to provide for the children, their parents and families as well as the faculty and staff of Child Jesus School, Centre Servants de Marie, Petit-Goave, Haiti.  We appreciate any donation or contribution you are able to provide to assure our continual assistance to those in need.  Please visit the google site for further information about how to make or send donations and to learn how the funds received have been and will be spent in direct service to the needy children, their parents and families, click here:

fr. Vidal Martinez,OSM
Click here to listen to the taped radio programs on NPR News:


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