The Advisory Committee for Haiti Aid Relief:

Fr. Vidal Martinez,OSM

Odette Morency,OSSM

Ray & Bernadette Millien,OSSM

Herla Barthelemy,OSSM in formation

Suze Millien, daughter-in-law of Ray & Bernadette

Carole Morency, daughter of Odette

The Advisory Committee met on Monday, February 22, 2010 in Longwood, Florida.  Hospitality was provided by Herla Barthelemy. 

The short range goals are to locate the children and their families; to determine those with greatest needs (no home, no belongings); to provide each family with a tent (for five persons), sleeping bags or mats, tarps, and battery-powered lanterns to provide them with shelter and some comfort.  Some of the families who have nothing and no place will be invited to set up their tent on the property of the Servants of Mary Center.  It is here that Infant Jesus School is also to be found.  The tents cost $35.00 each, if anyone would like to make a donation toward the purchase of the tents and the other items that are necessary to provide shelter for our families. 

Sponsoring a family: the Committee recommends a donation of $50.00 each month as adequate to provide assistance to a family, for their food and/or to begin a small business.  If you wish to contribute toward this fund or wish to sponsor a family, please contact us at:   Your help will be greatly appreciated. 

Odette Morency,OSSM will be returning to Haiti on March 27, 2010, after a much-need respite and recovery from the shock and trauma of the earthquake experience and its effects.  Odette will be accompanied by two members of the Advisory Committee: Carole Morency,her daughter and Suze Millien.  There are also two young women from Kissimmee, Florida who will be volunteering their time and energy for five days: Rosie Soto and Colleen Clutter.  They will be assisting the school staff in locating the children, identifying their present needs, and preparing them for the re-opening of the school and classes.  We ask for your prayers for Odette, Carole, Suze, Rosie, Colleen!  Let us also remember the Director of Infant Jesus School, Petit-Goave, and all the other staff members, as they, too, recover from the shock and trauma of the earthquake and their losses.

The children are expected to return to school in April.  This will be the re-opening of the school since the earthquake.  If you wish to provide support and encouragement to the children and the staff as they return to their studies, we need to provide the children with all school supplies and to purchase texts for their classes.  Any donation that you wish to give specifically for this purpose will be greatly appreaciated.





CHICAGO IL  60612-2729

On behalf of the Advisory Committee, the children and their families, the school staff and their families, we thank you for your generosity and kindness in responding to our request.

Fr. Vidal Martinez,OSM


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