We are happy to report that Odette Morency,OSSM, recently contacted me and told me that she was safe.  Her message was rather brief.  She has been in Haiti for the past three weeks and has experienced all the effects of the earthquake in Petit-Goave, where she and her husband have a home.  As has been reported, most of the aid to Haiti has remained in Port-au-Prince, the Capital.  Very little aid has reached the rural areas, such as Petit-Goave.  Odette encourages us to, above all, pray for the people of Haiti at this time of suffering and loss.  May our Sorrowful Mother sustain us as we attempt to stand at the foot of the Cross of those who suffer today…all over Haiti, especially in Petit-Goave.
Odette is planning to return to her home in Florida soon.  We will then receive much more information regarding her experiences, the condition of the children of L’Ecole Infant Jesus (our little school for needy children in Petit-Goave) and their parents and homes, and the staff of the school and their families and homes.  We can, then, determine where is the greatest need to which we should respond in the very near future.
Before Odette returns, we are so happy to learn of a medical team that is headed to Petit-Goave on Sunday, January 31st, for one week.  The medical team is organized by a doctor, who is a native of Petit-Goave, through the support and assistance of the hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida where he practices.  A medical team from the same hospital returned yesterday, January 29th, from Haiti, after spending one week there. 
Among the members of the medical team that will depart Sunday, January 31st, is Suze Millien, daughter-in-law of Raymond and Bernadette Millien,OSSM.  Ray and Bernadette are Secular Servites, residing in West Palm Beach, Florida. Suze Millien is a nurse at the hospital in West Palm Beach. We were able to provide Suze with funds to purchase tents that are so necessary at this time for the protection and care of the many homeless and needy.  Suze and the medical team will arrive in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and drive to Haiti.  Before crossing the border into Haiti, they will pruchase food to bring with them to Petit-Goave.  We have provided funds to Suze to purchase the food.  The medical team will spend one week in Petit-Goave helping to care for the wounded and hurt of the town.  Let us pray for this medical team.
More recently we learned that Carole Morency, daughter of Odette Morency,OSSM, has been approved to travel with the medical team to Petit-Goave.  Carole flew on Saturday, January 30th, to Santo Domingo, where whe will wait for and meet up with the medical team.  She will travel with them to Petit-Goave to be of support to her mother, Odette, and help to locate the children who are students in our school and their parents and to determine their greatest needs at this time. 
As Odette has requested, let us pray for Carole, Suze, the doctor and all on the medical team who will reach out in love and concern for those who are hurt and suffering.  Let us pray for all in Haiti who suffer, for those who have died, especially for the people of Petit-Goave. 
Your contributions to help with Aid for Haiti will be greatly appreciated.  Please send your donations to:
Check made out to:  Servite Secular Order
Mail to:  Servite Secular Order
                 3121 W JACKSON BLVD
                CHICAGO IL  60612-2729 USA
Thank you very much! God bless you!
Fr. Vidal Martinez,OSM
General Secretary for Secular Order & Lay Groups
OSSM National Assistant
For the latest news and for updates, please visit:


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