Dear fellow Servites,
our sister Provincial Rachel OSM has shared a letter from Sister Rose in Jamaica about Haiti. She wants us to share the information and to pray for what Sister Hazeline is doing in Haiti.


                                                                                                                                             January 15, 2010


 Dear Sisters,

                                The disaster in Haiti compels our prayers and compassion.  It is being said that this “Big One” was expected, and that it would probably be either Haiti or Jamaica based on where the fault was estimated.  We here in Jamaica have deep emotions which are mixed:  gratitude and wonder at being spared this catastrophe, and sadness and grief for our close neighbours – (Haiti is only a few hundred miles away, and in fact the tremors were felt here).

                                Today Hazeline is supposed to leave with a team of medical personnel to assist the sick and wounded victims of the earthquake.  At this time of writing she is still in Kingston because of the difficulty of landing in Haiti.  Only one run-way is open and the airport is non-functional as an airport – so the business of landing a plane, unloading it and taking off again is a slow business on one run-way.  In the meantime, the condition in the country worsens.  I just phoned Hazeline at the assembly point and she says now they are told they will leave at 1 a.m. tomorrow.  Yesterday evening we collected as much medications as we could, and she left today with a HUGE suitcase full of all kinds of nursing materials.

                                I reminded her that as a Servant of Mary, Haiti is where she should be at this time…. Standing by the cross of those suffering and devastated people.  I also reminded her that in her person, the entire Congregation will be present in compassion to the Hatian people.  I wanted to write and tell you this for these  reasons:

  1. It is true, you- we, will be present in a real way as Hazeline ministers to the earthquake victims;
  2. To ask you to keep Hazeline in  prayer  for the 10 days she will be there.  It is going to be a traumatic experience for her.  Pray also that she will keep well and safe.
  3. And lastly,  she asked me to let you know,  knowing what a powerful source of strength the Community support can be in times of trouble and stress.

 We send you our love and are united with you in our compassion.



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