FYI – Haiti

Here’s an update on Servite donation possibilities for Haiti relief:
1. two of our parishes have already reported their plan to take up a collection on Sunday – money can go to a diocesan agency, or to the provincial center (as we await the best way to get the money to the proper people in Haiti). 
2. Dennis Kriz has informed me that a website has been set up by Theresa Orozco, OSSM, so that members of the Servite Family can make donations.  As of this morning, on Friday, Jan. 15, there is news available on the website, but not yet the possibility of making donations.  Dennis will inform us when that becomes available. is the web address. 
3. There is also a possibility of donating via the Servite development link on our province website, specifying that the donation is for Haiti.   
3. The Red Cross has arranged the possibility to donate via cell phones.  It is legitimate, from both their own webpage, and from the White House webpage.  One can text: “HAITI” to 90999, and each time one does so, $10 is added to one’s next phone bill, with that money going to Red Cross Haiti relief. 
4. Obviously, going through any of the honored relief agencies is going to help.  You may want to view a video of Bishop Tim Dolan on the following website:  On this page, there’s a 3-minute abbreviated version.   This e-mail is just meant to give a few Servite-related options, to make it a collective effort of the Servite Family, and perhaps to get aid to Secular Order members and other friends of Servites. 
Having said all this, we’re still not clear on the best way to get the collected money to Haiti (other than CRS), but Vidal has made a first contact there, and we will hopefully be receiving further news on the situation of people there known to Servites, and also the best way to get some direct aid to the country.  Stay tuned for more.  And, of course, we continue to pray…….

FYI 01/14/10 – Haiti Earthquake
The earthquake in Haiti is such a horrible disaster, in a country already so poor and plagued by so many problems.  In addition, some of us have personal connections with Haiti, and with some Haitian-Americans, especially those who have ministered in Kissimmee.  I hope that we can respond in some way to contributing to the relief aid for that nation. 
At this point, I have written to Vidal, who I believe is still in Italy, to ask for practical suggestions about how to get donations to a helpful place in Haiti.  The CMSM is also asking for suggestions on how we can best funnel funds to the right people there.  Eddie, in Anaheim, has begun a collection at the school, and, pending information from Vidal or others, may go through Catholic Relief Services.  Dennis is also looking at various possibilities. 
Please stand by for province-level suggestions, as we receive more information.  But pastors may want to take up a collection for Haiti, or make appeals for donations, and then we can determine, either individually or collectively, how best to get the money to Haiti.  Thanks for whatever we can all do, individually, as communities, from our ministries, and as a province.  


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